Data Center and Cloud


A cloud data service is a remote version of a data center. The infrastructure of the data center in Kerala provides the core physical or hardware-based resources and components, including all IT infrastructure devices, equipment, and technologies. It is modelled and identified in a design plan that includes a complete listing of necessary infrastructure components used to create a strategized data centre. Data centre integration services offer computing facilities through servers, routers, switches, and firewalls, as well as supporting components. Our data cloud technologies Kochi provide services for this centralized repository for storage, management, and dissemination of data.
Additionally, a data center that is private or shared is also established. Data centre integrators components often make up the core of an organization's information system. We offer the best data center system integrators services in this category.

The data surge continues unabated, posing a significant management issue for many businesses. Businesses and cloud service providers must have the correct DC strategy and data system integrator in place to get the most out of their resources, maintain business continuity, respond swiftly to capacity expansion, and limit environmental impact. New markets will necessitate a whole different data design strategy and operation of infrastructures with extremely different profiles.
Maybe you were unable to point out a specific solution in the present situation regarding the Datacenter. This can be due to different scenarios like investment in DC infrastructure, which can cause high costs. While thinking about what will be the next option then there comes the name of 3rd party. This means the solutions granted while availing a third-party aid. Need a third party to host your data? Will that be acceptable in your business? Another solution is having a private data centre that matches your exact requirement.  

You will be facing a number of factors while deciding the solution for this scenario as follows:
What are the unique Datacenter standards that are to be considered which match your business requirements?
What are your provisions in connectivity, spacing, power, cooling mechanisms? 
What are your plans and needs for public, edge, hybrid, hyper-scale, and multi-cloud data centres?

To get answers to all of these questions and to figure out the ideal Data Center strategy, that exactly matches your organization you can contact us.
Using design thinking and other specialized talents, our consulting services team collaborates with your cross-functional leadership teams to offer technology-driven solutions that give your firm an edge.
We ensure that we can aid you in the formation of Datacenters that strictly follow industry standards. Through profound knowledge and a decade of expertise experiences, we provide and maintain Data Centers in a variety of industries, ranging from Small Enterprise Server Rooms to Edge Data Centres and Hyperscale Data Centers. Our service offering includes a path from selection to service-providing provisions.

Ideally, Cloud computing refers to delivering different types of services over the internet. Everything which includes safe data storage, networking resources, software, analytics, etc are part of the cloud services company.
We, being a renowned cloud services provider, offer cloud services of G-Suite, which include Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. The main feature is that all these cloud services can be accessed from anywhere, any device and anytime. Remote services and related works are increasing in demand every day. In this current scenario, if we opt for cloud integration services, we can save a huge amount of money.
GKS offers you cloud services from the providers such as MICROSOFT as well as AMAZON. Azure of Microsoft and AWS of Amazon provides the services. 
Cloud transition has lots of features. Normally Windows server’s Warranty updations are always a headache to the users. If we are moving them to the cloud instead, then they will provide complete support for all the resources chosen. Also, up-gradation and upscaling will be done within seconds. 
Considering the memory, its up-gradation and reduction can be automated according to our requirements. We can move different workloads to the cloud, which completely depends on the kinds of business you are at. Most companies accompany the cloud for Data Backup services. Data cloud technologies Kochi includes both short term/long term depending on the nature of the company. Also, companies use it for Application purposes such as Tally and CRM. Using Tally on a cloud software solution that is capable of meeting your business needs, empowers you to use Tally Anywhere, Anytime & On Any Device with any OS with utmost security, stability, privacy and reliability.
Additionally, we can use the cloud according to our requirements as the resulting charges incurred will depend on the usage. Normally its usage is 24*7 which can be optimized to a specific required time only.
Nowadays, lots and lots of queries are found regarding business continuity, business normality, business future and so on. We can offer you solutions by providing you with provisions for remote services. Clients’ needs were always addressed by the corresponding technical team. Can we have a new model? All the related queries are surrounding every business owner and respective associates.
While short-term contingency plans have allowed organisations to weather initial disruptions, it has also led to sweeping alterations in business processes and operations. Ultimately, the need to facilitate flexible bandwidth access and sustain remote operations has compelled organizations to let go of their onsite infrastructure and hardware in favour of shifting to the cloud.
The urge for digital transformation made several businesses cloud-dependent. But the pandemic has now made cloud transition a necessity rather than an afterthought. Naturally, this has forced companies to rethink their cloud strategies and realise ways through which they can focus both on the technological as well as process engineering aspect of the cloud journey while navigating the cloud-transition challenges posed by the new-age global crisis.
Cloud security solutions proved their value through the speed of deploying new applications and solutions—a well-known advantage of cloud computing. But two real game-changers of cloud-delivered during the shutdown are:

  • The ability to set up new cloud-based solutions when the on-premise data centre was not accessible.
  • Fast access to real-time data to influence rapid decisions during uncertain times.

Going forward, to stay immune to potential crises like the pandemic, organisations will have to factor in the immediate process and resource changes required for scaling operations and processes within short notice. This pandemic and the associated fallout are pushing organizations toward modern, software-defined, and AI-powered hybrid cloud security solutions. Perhaps the primary issue that has occurred is the need to maintain business continuity as the majority of the workforce operates remotely. This new normal is resulting in a massive strain on companies’ platforms. Enterprises must ensure a seamless recovery process to ascertain the continuity of operations and address vulnerabilities. To achieve this, it is important to test and evaluate the resilience of underlying infrastructure and associated processes. Pre-validated and tested reference architectures driven by extreme automation can help organizations to quickly get onboarded and seamlessly consume cloud services.