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Forget About Sleepless Nights

Kasiemobi was born out of the idea to ensure sound sleep by providing premium quality organic latex mattresses to one and all. We have carefully designed our mattresses and other products to ensure proper spine alignment, anti-allergic and comfortable sleep, and without unseen side effects that are usually found in other materials. Our 100% certified organic latex mattresses have attained the most prestigious certifications like the GOLS and GREENGUARD Gold that are given to the best in the industry.

Why Kasimobi

At Kasiemobi, we take quality care to the next level. We harvest latex and process them responsibly in our own manufacturing plants. Our natural latex is of the highest quality as we use only certified latex that is specially cultivated under stringent monitoring in the hills of Kerala, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Apart from the latex, we use a pure Eucalyptus Tencel lyocell hybrid that is far superior to ordinary cotton and extremely eco-friendly. Moreover, we have steered clear of using any kinds of chemicals that may be harmful in any way. We firmly believe in preserving nature and our latex products promote increased tree plantation. Unlike other pieces of furniture in your home, the mattress is the one that you spend almost one-third of your life on. It is an investment that goes a long way in defining your personality and we realize the importance of professionally engineered sleeping mattresses that retain their properties for decades to come. We have put our heart and soul into ensuring that our products are of world-class standards and come with universal certifications of the highest order.

Natural Latex
Bed Pillow
Why Natural Latex

Latex gives you the feeling of sleeping on rather than sinking into the mattress.


Natural Latex Mattresses have a uniqueness that is unmatched among all others. Made entirely of natural latex and Eucalyptus Tencel lyocell, they are the best-in-class mattresses that turn your sleepless nights into blissful nirvana. Their anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties ensure that you rest on a microbe-free mattress every day. The pinhole technology used for designing the mattress makes them extremely breathable and naturally cooler, making you fall asleep in the blink of an eye.


Our natural latex mattresses are of word-class standards with global certifications like GREENGUARD Gold, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, eco-INSTITUT, and GOLS certification that guarantee the premium quality of raw materials used and ensure that the organic fibers used constitute 95% or more. Our products have passed the 100 test parameters to ensure that there are no emission levels and are 100% safe for in-home use

Our best-rated organic mattresses come with the industry’s top limited warranty of 15 years! The first 10 years come with full replacement value and provide free return pickup services before an additional period of prorated coverage begins for 5 years. So rest assured about your investment in good quality sleep and back support because we got you covered.

Pain relieving

Anti-Allergic and Anti-Fungal
Divinely Breathable
Bounceback Property
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Bounceback Property

No more sagging or drooping side of the bed. Get the same comfort even when you twist and turn in your sleep.<

100% Biodegradable

Join the green revolution with an eco-friendly mattress that is not a burden to the environment.

100% Biodegradable

Enjoy the sensation of sleeping on a new mattress for decades. Natural latex retains the original shape like no other material.